Find Out What Really Ranks Products In Amazon Through Smart Organic Keyword-Based Product Tracking.

A powerful Amazon keyword rank checker that allows you to reverse engineer what marketing is working, and what is wasting you time and money!

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Long term passively profitable Amazon businesses are based directly from high organic keyword rankings inside Amazon. If you do not know how to rank or do not SPECIFICALLY track your rankings then you will not be able to build a long term profitable Amazon business.

Make Data Driven Changes To Your Amazon Products & Increase Profits 2,000% As A Result

We are here to measure, so you can manage efficiently & profitability. We even teach you how to do that to!


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Organic Keyword Rankings Software

Organic keyword rankings are an essential KPI to track. Reverse engineering what marketing is working for this goal and what isn’t is the difference between a long lasting passively profitable Amazon business, and one that crawls to a halt when you stop PPC, stop giving away discounted products or active promotions.

Long term profits from Amazon come from ranking in the top results for your most relevant keywords.

The issue is the amount of misinformation about HOW to do this. People are talking WITHOUT testing what specifically works for them. The tool we’ve developed allows you to track automatically and reverse engineer what marketing & promotional techniques have worked for you because the SOLE GOAL for your Amazon products should be to increase organic rankings.

What We Do + Why You Need Keyworx?

We’re an Amazon Product Tracking Software that analyses any product’s organic rankings over time.

Why It’s Essential To Track Your Products

Organic keyword rankings are the single element that build automated, passive Amazon businesses.

Why We Built It

We built Keyworx based on a need that was not being fulfilled in the market. Individuals couldn’t affordably track & manage their keywords in a reliable way. There was also no tutorials, no trainings, no case studies, nothing that actually shows you how to rank a product in Amazon. So we built a Amazon rank tracking tool that eliminated the tough part and let us see what’s working and what’s not in our marketing efforts!


Our Amazon rank checker will track & report on organic keyword positions inside of Amazon. The exact keyword positions that are the difference between a passively profitable Amazon business or one that is only breaking even and never quite gets there. You can also directly see what keywords result in the most amount of sales & become more efficient in your marketing for those keywords.


More importantly – Find Out What Marketing Works. What Doesn’t and Replicate & Scale The Techniques That Do.

We enable you to find out what marketing is working & what’s simply a waste of money. Allowing your business to reinvest into the strategies that work, replicating and scaling these, and avoid investing into strategies that are not working and draining your resources.

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The Vault Case Studies – Amazon FBA Testing Community.

Data-Driven Case Studies. No guessing. No gurus. No Opinions. Just What Works & What Doesn’t Based On Non-Bias, Tracked Tests.

Data Driven Case Studies. No guessing. No gurus. No Opinions. Just What Works & What Doesn’t Based On Non-Bias, Tracked Tests.

The vault is a private community I run where we run a new case study on Amazon SEO & marketing & report back to our community on the results. Every single element you can think of; keyword placements, duplicate content, search terms, PPC, sales from external sources vs internal organic search, reviews & their impact on organic rankings, time on listing page, conversion rate of listing and directly how these affect organic rankings (and hence passive profitability.)

As a community member you even get to request a case study. Ever wondered if something positively or negatively affected your listing but didn’t have the time or budget to implement? – The case study vault is for you. Of course you also get access to the Amazon keyword tracker as standard.

"The vault is the single most important 'tool' – It’s not a tool as such as the team behind Keyworx are the ones who have developed this, but as you can probably guess, they know how to rank products in Amazon. Finding out UPDATED and not methods that are years old is an incredibly valuable asset, actually something that I find more important than the Keyworx tools in themselves."


Each package gets

Access to our team of Amazon Experts.

Access to the

case study vault.

Access to the

Amazon rank tracker.

Up To 200 keywords.
Up To 500 keywords.
Up To 2500 keywords.
Up To 5000 keywords.
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Keyworx technology is designed to be suitable for everyone, whether you're a small team or a large company.

By tracking and analysing what is working and what just isn't - Keyworx simplifies and streamlines your analytics process, saving you time and money.

Keyworx can help you achieve results, increasing your customer base through smart tracking and therefore increasing your profits.

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What counts as a keyword?

A keyword or search phrase is simply any term you select for our software to track, this can be any length of characters.

How long is the tracked data stored?

Ranking positions are stored for 30 days.

Does this work for all products?

Yes the tracker works on any separate ASIN, this includes apps & kindle books.

Are there any contacts

There are no contracts for the account you are welcome to cancel anytime.

How deep is the tracking

We track the top 300 results on Amazon for each individual keyword (usually approximately the first 10 pages.)

How often are keywords checked?

Keywords are tracked and recorded on a daily basis.

Can I track competitors?

Yes, you can input a ASIN & keywords of your competitor and they will be tracked and reported in the same way.

Is this a Downloadable Tool?

No, Keyworx is a cloud-based solution, meaning you can log in from anywhere in the world and see your data. You can also give these logins to your team & employees and develop marketing plans geared around what has worked!

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