What counts as a keyword?
How long is the tracked data stored?
Does this work for all products?

Yes the tracker works on any separate ASIN, this includes apps & kindle books.

Are there any contacts

There are no contracts for the account you are welcome to cancel anytime.

How deep is the tracking

We track the top 200 results on Amazon for each individual keyword (usually approximately the first 12 pages.)

How often are keywords checked?

Keywords are tracked and recorded on a daily basis.

Can I track competitors?

Yes, you can input a ASIN & keywords of your competitor and they will be tracked and reported in the same way.

Is this a Downloadable Tool?

No, Keyworx is a cloud-based solution, meaning you can log in from anywhere in the world and see your data. You can also give these logins to your team & employees and develop marketing plans geared around what has worked!