How To Increase Amazon Sales Through KeyworXa

The KeyworX tracking tool is the best application to track what keywords are ranking the best for your product.

This is obviously a bold statement to make.  What makes KeyworX so different to other keyword trackers, even the Amazon tool?


The KeyworX tracker has been proven to increase sales.  If this wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t be saying so.  But it is, so we are.

This guide will be showing you how you can use the KeyworX tracker to increase your Amazon sales today.

Why is Keyword Tracking Important?

Good question.

Organic keyword rankings are critical to the way your product is listed in Amazon.

If you could somehow find a way to reverse engineer:

  1. what keywords are harming your products and those that are generating the most organic traffic, and
  2. what a leading seller of a particular product is doing to get them to the top of the rankings,

then you could take that strategy to your own product.

Once you have that, you will see your product climb the rankings faster than ever before.

That is precisely what the KeyworX Tacker tool does.

Your overall aim selling Amazon products should be to increase organic rankings.  This will in turn increase sales in Amazon, which then boosts your rankings, and so on.

So What Exactly Can KeyworX Do?

KeyworX was built in order to track and manage all the keywords an Amazon product is ranked for.

The keyword tracker tool will provide reports on all the organic keyword positions on Amazon.

You will be able to see where your product ranks in the listings for specific search queries.

The difference between being the first result and the second result is huge.

Let’s put it this way.

How many times have you searched for something on Google and clicked the first result?

A lot?  Most of the time?  Always?


Now, imagine if we take that to Amazon and someone uses a keyword to find a product that you also rank for.  Your product is fifth on the rankings.

Not bad you say.

Well, most of the time, the searcher will end up clicking on the first couple of listings, purchase those products and leaving you without a sale.

To add insult to injury, they also solidified their organic rankings at the top!

Knowing your exact position in keyword rankings is the difference between a decent business and a great business.

If only there was a way to know how you can improve your organic rankings…

Oh wait, there is.  It’s the KeyworX tracker tool.

How Does It Increase Amazon Sales?

The main thing that KeyworX shows you as a seller is what marketing strategies actually work for your product.

The keyword position tracker tool will boost your sales in Amazon because you will be able to see data driven information.

You will see that keyword research is the difference between what is good and what isn’t.

Once you know this. you will be also to replicate the successful techniques, meaning that scaling your business will be a whole lot easier.

Let us use a quick example to show you what it can do.


For this demonstration, I started a free trial, so you can see how easy it is to use from the beginning.

Let’s say we are selling these hair straighteners on Amazon.

I typed in the information in the KeyworX tracker tool as show here:

I submitted the search and got the following result back:


As you can see, at the time of searching the product is ranking in the top 320 products in Amazon for the keyword ‘hair straighteners’.

However, KeyworX is able to narrow this down to the exact ranking in Amazon.

The search updated and produced the following information:

This shows how smart the keyword tracking tool is.

It is able to automatically update the result for the current positioning for the keyword ‘hair straighteners’.

If there is any movements in rankings throughout the next few days, we would be able to see the movement from the graph area above.

The rank results section at the bottom will also automatically update.

Let’s now compare this with the same product but with a different keyword search.

For this search, I used the keyword ‘2 in 1 hair straighteners’.

Again, the search criteria was entered and the result was as follows:

Again. KeyworX started to zone in onto the precise organic ranking of the product for this particular keyword.

We got the following result:

This shows that the product is ranking 16th for the keyword ‘2 in 1 hair straighteners’.

Compared to being 67th in the rankings for the keyword ‘hair straighteners’, it is doing so much better.

If we were a store that was selling this product, we could now use this information to find out what we are doing well and not so well for each search query.

The power in being able to see the difference in rankings is huge.

Without the keyword tracker, we would not know that in order to boost the sales of this product in Amazon, we need to focus on improving for the first keyword.

Compare Against Your Competitors

As we have previously mentioned, the KeyworX Amazon keywords tool can be used to check on how our competitors are also doing.

If we stay on the theme of hair straighteners and use the same keywords for this product instead, we can see the differences.

First off, this is what we get for the first keyword ‘hair straighteners:’

And this is what we get when we use the second keyword ‘2 in 1 hair straighteners:’

Even though this information may be basic, we can see that this competitor is ranking higher in both categories than the first product we selected.

With the KeyworX keyword rank tracker tool, we will be able to look deeper into this and reverse engineer why they rank higher for both keywords, and then apply the logic to our product.

Remember what we said earlier; getting the marketing correct is vital to creating a successful Amazon business.

Data Driven Success

Another reason why the KeyworX keyword tracker increases sales on Amazon is because all the information that is collected is backed by science.

The definition of science is as follows:

What sticks out to me is the wording ‘through observation and experiment.’

When we created KeyworX, this is literally what we were aiming for.

There are so many so called ‘experts’ out there that can claim to know what your keywords are doing for your products.

At the end of the day, most of the time they are just guessing.

They don’t have proof.

KeyworX on the other hand only deals with straight facts based on data.

As part of the whole KeyworX package, you will get access to data driven case studies.

These are actual proofs of the keyword tracker tool increasing sales in Amazon.

It covers everything from where to place a keyword in an Amazon listing, to how to improve conversions on a product.  There is also a guide on how to rank products on Amazon to get you prepared.

Why go through all this trouble?

There have been too many instances when clients approach us saying they’ve done X, Y and Z for Amazon listing optimization but it’s never worked.

Not a single one told us that the advice they received was backed by data.

We couldn’t believe it.

As part of the case studies you will see how we managed to turn around some of these businesses and fulfill promises that were made by other self-proclaimed ‘Amazon gurus.’

Long-term Passive Profitability

This is the final reason that you should be using our Amazon keyword tracker tool.

You cannot be a long-term passive profitable Amazon business unless you know how your keywords are specifically ranking in Amazon.

It’s just impossible.

When a business stops using PPC because they think they’re generating enough organic traffic without it, it’s make or break time.

This is when you find out how your keywords are really doing.

If you don’t have a precise understanding of where your products are ranking, all the gains you were making will vanish.

All your hard work will be undone.

All because you didn’t pay enough attention to your keywords.

With the KeyworX keyword position tracker, you will never be guilty of falling into this trap.

Because you will have gotten to grips with how your keywords are performing, once you stop all the start-up promotions and cut out the PPCs, your business won’t even tell the difference.

And like the subheading says, this is long term success.

As we cannot stress enough throughout this entire piece, being in control of your organic rankings is critical to your success.

And the underlying factor for all this is knowing what keywords work well and those that do more harm than good.

So Now You Know

Being able to track your keywords is the only way to guarantee increased Amazon sales.

It is the single element to generate a passive, automated and most of all, successful Amazon business.

Without the KeyworX keyword tracker, it would be impossible for you to transform your Amazon business into this.

You probably knew already that keywords were important in generating more revenue.

But now you know why it is so important to keep track of them.

KeyworX can help you and your business achieve the results you want, increase your revenue and so increase your profits.

We highly suggest you sign up, not for our benefit, but entirely for yours.

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