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How to Use KeyworX for Long-Term Rank Tracking & Improvements

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Most Amazon sellers will admit, organic rankings are the most important aspect of successfully selling on the platform, or at least the second most important aspect after making sure you have a great product.

A 2019 Feedvisor study found that over two-thirds of US shoppers start their product search in Amazon, and even more Americans go to Amazon first when they already know what they’re buying:

feedvisor graph

It goes without saying that this means if you have good enough organic Amazon rankings for a product with high enough demand, huge profits are going to follow.

But, of course, this doesn’t mean just ranking your products for every keyword you can find and blindly trying to brute force your way to the top.

Optimizing your product listings for inappropriate keywords will just be a huge waste of effort and time, and any ranking boost you achieve will quickly be undone.

Enter KeyworX!

KeyworX is a powerful rank tracking software solution that tracks your competitor’s product rankings automatically, giving you immediate updates and alerts then they (or you) experience changes in ranking.

Amazon ranking software like KeyworX makes it incredibly easy to learn which changes improve your ranking, which changes hurt it, and what you need to do to get to the top of the rankings and stay there.

It also allows you to reverse engineer any progress your competitors make and apply them to your own listings, making it impossible for anybody to outrank you by using some creative marketing technique you haven’t thought of.

If they do, you’ll be doing the same thing shortly after!

Why Use an Amazon Rank Tracker?

There are countless reasons why.

As already mentioned, a good Amazon keyword tracker will allow you to learn which changes work and which don’t, both from your own optimizations and those of your competitors.

Of course, this is something that is best used for ongoing improvements and optimizations – when you first start out, we highly recommend going through our guide to the Amazon A9 Algorithm and our article on writing the perfect Amazon product title, description and bullet points.

Having a high conversion rate, while not a direct ranking factor, tells Amazon that your listing is relevant and attractive to the customer, which of course makes them more likely to rank you higher.

Ranking well in keywords that are unrelated to your product will hurt your conversion rate and drop your ranking, and ranking well in a search term with no traffic isn’t going to lead to any sales.

But having your product rank highly in a high traffic, relevant search term will lead to guaranteed sales and therefore a “sticky” ranking.

KeyworX’ Amazon rank tracker makes it easier than ever to see how you’re doing with this. It’s automated updates mean you never have to waste time scouring Amazon to check your rankings again, and can focus your time on activities with a higher ROI, comfortable in your knowledge that KeyworX has an eye on your rankings.

Once you have data on what has made ranking increase or decrease, here are just a few tips on how to improve rankings using this data:

Change Your Keyword Choices

You likely know by now, but longer, more specific keywords are typically lower in traffic but also in competition.

If you’ve been targeting a generic keyword for a long time but are still unable to crack the first page, chances are you can get a much higher ranking by targeting a longer version of that keyword.

Make Important Choices Around Products

We all have to make tough decision on which products or campaigns are worth investing money and time in, and which aren’t.

KeyworX allows you to quickly see which products are ranking well and which aren’t making this a lot more simple.

For example, if you find your product is ranking first, you could potentially try using email marketing, social media marketing or some other technique to drive external traffic to it, but in terms of optimization in Amazon there isn’t much more you can do.

If you have a product that is getting a good amount of orders and profit, but isn’t near the top of the rankings, you should see every listing above yours as a potential chance to earn money. KeyworX makes it easy to see when their rankings change and to check what changes in their listings have led to this, allowing you to stick to what works, abandon what doesn’t and take their rankings one by one, boosting your profits.

Gives Predictions for Inventory Requirements

If KeyworX gives you an alert that one of your rankings have changed, this isn’t just important information in terms of listing optimization. It can also mean a sudden change to your stock requirements.

If you were in position 21 and had enough stock to last you for a while, and then you moved to position 6, you might find your inventory is suddenly not large enough to last very long.

Taking immediate action on this allows your stock levels to react more quickly than your competitors and avoid any issues of running out of stock (or keeping too much).

Notice Loss of Ranking Quickly and Take Action

If you’ve been ranked at the top for a while and then suddenly drop down, your sales will drop quickly, leading to a compound effect and causing you to lose even more rankings.

Usually this is due to something easily solved, such as being outpriced by a competitor or somebody else’s product listing converting better than yours.

KeyworX alerts you immediately when this happens and makes it easy to analyse who is above you, why, and what you need to do to get your first place rank back.

We hope this has made it obvious how powerful KeyworX is.

As the best value and most accurate Amazon keyword ranking tool available, KeyworX is a no brainer for anybody looking to boost their profits from Amazon.

Some Amazon sellers are aware of the importance of Amazon keyword ranking trackers, but still avoid using them as they aren’t experienced manipulating data and think using one will be too complex to actually get insights from.

We spent years making KeyworX as simple and accessible as possible to avoid this.

To prove it, let’s take a look at how easy it is to actually use and get these actionable insights:

Typing a Search Phrase

The first thing you’ll see upon logging into the KeyworX Amazon sales rank tool is this:

keyworx screenshot

All you have to do is:

  1. Type in the search phrase you wish to track, or are trying to rank for
  2. Select the domain zone you sell in (only .com and are available now, but more are coming)
  3. Click Add search phrase

Your chosen search phrase will then be added to your list of searches below:

keyworx searches screenshot

Clicking “View” on the right will take you to a page that looks like this:

Actually, when you first start keyword tracking a certain search phrase, you won’t have any data yet so it will look a lot more boring than this.

But, day by day, any ranking changes will be displayed by the coloured lines as shown here, and clicking on any of the ASINs will take you directly to that ASIN’s product page in Amazon.

This makes it extremely easy to see which listings have changed in rank and when.

It also gives you easy access to the why, for example, if a competitor’s product has rapidly jumped in ranking, you can click directly to their product page and use the Wayback machine to see if they made any changes to their listing that spurred the rank increase.

If you see the line associated with a certain ASIN suddenly disappear instead of showing where it ranked next, this usually means the listing either dropped out of the top 20 or was taken off Amazon entirely.

In the same way, if an ASIN appears on a certain day and has no data from previously, it is likely either new to the top 20 or a new product, period.

This graph is especially powerful if you’re in a particularly competitive search term with lots of changes in rankings like the one shown above. In this situation, the difference between ranking in 5th and 6th can be 10s of thousands of dollars and so you want to be immediately aware any time your rank changes or another seller enters the top 20.

KeyworX is one of very few Amazon product ranking tools that can do this, if not the only one.

The main point of this is to reverse engineer which marketing strategies work. If you see a product displaying a fast ranking increase compared to the others, you should click into the listing and analyse everything from its title and description to images and pricing in order to figure out what has given it such a boost, then adjust your own listing accordingly.

For example, maybe the product listing has just recently added higher quality, benefit driven images which have boosted it’s conversion rate and therefore given it a ranking boost too.

Or maybe it dropped it’s price relative to the other options, indicating that your price needs to be tweaked too to stay within the market’s expectations.

Looking at all of this data crunched in together in the overall Amazon sales rank tracker can sometimes get confusing, and there will be specific ASINs you’re interested in much more than others.

Luckily for you, KeyworX has a solution for that too:

Clicking the button next to an individual ASIN will tell KeyworX to track that ASIN for you:

This means you can cut out the rest of the noise, getting alerts when this specific ASIN changes ranks and viewing the past 30 days of it’s ranking changes in a graph alone:

This makes things a lot cleaner and easier to look at, and we highly recommend doing this for both your own ASINs and the competitors you deem the most important to pay attention to.

Another thing to keep in mind is, clicking on the Products from Searches button at the top of the page will show you all of the individual products you’re tracking:

This makes it super easy to go back to products you’ve searched before and check their individual data or track other ASINs within the same search term.

Custom Alerts

To set up custom alerts for when a specific change occurs, first go to the person in the top right and click Settings:

You will then get to this section where you can manually change your deviation threshold:

This essentially means that you’ll get an alert when a product’s change in ranking that is larger than your deviation threshold occurs.

So, if you set it to 11, and a product that is in position 21 suddenly rises to 10 or above, you will receive an alert.

This means that any time one of your competitors makes a successful optimization of their listing that boosts their ranking, you can be immediately made aware, reverse engineer what they have done, and react quicker than ever would be possible while checking rankings manually.

This gives you a huge edge over the competition and can lead to a huge boost in profits alongside rankings.

Even better, KeyworX will keep tracking no matter what happens, so even if you’ve been in the first position for months, you never let your guard down and will immediately know if somebody takes the top spot.

We hope this has adequately explained how our simple, easy to use and reliable competition rank tracker and keyword rank monitoring makes KeyworX the best keyword tracker available.

We will be making regular quality of life updates, adding new features, and posting in-depth guides on how to get the most out of KeyworX, so keep your eyes right here.

To sign up for a free trial of the most powerful Amazon product ranking tracker available with no need for credit card details, click here!

We are going to leave you with this short 7:35 video showing you exactly how to use KeyworX step by step, so if you are still unsure, give it a watch!:

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