Additional ASIN

Amazon ranks best selling listings based on the individual ASIN selling the most. The issue from a tracking perspective with this, is you’ll get different ASIN’s ranking for different specific search terms. To avoid confusion and creating 10 tracking campaigns per project we integrated the multiple ASIN option into the tracker. This means you can now add up to 5 ASIN’s all classed as one campaign/search. Below are the steps on how to find these for your or a competitors product and how to add these to your KeyworX campaign.

Stage 1 – Find The ASIN’s

Go to the product listing you want to track, whether this be your own or a competitor.

If the product has variations, these will show as colour/size or variation options on the product page itself. How Amazon is set-up is each one of these variations has it’s own unique ASIN. To find this ASIN simply look in the URL structure when you click each variation.

For the example above you would need to note the 4 ASIN’s for each variation in the red box. Once you click these you can find the ASIN in the URL structure itself. Note all of these ASINs and move onto stage 2.

If you have over 5 variations, you’ll need to create multiple campaigns.

Stage 2 – Add To The Campaign

Once you have the ASIN’s you wish to track, add these to your campaign by clicking the “new search” feature and clicking the plus sign next to ASIN.

This opens up to 5 ASIN’s for tracking purposes. Enter the ASIN’s one per line, you found in stage 1 here, as well as the name of the campaign and your search criteria and hit submit. For more information on the entire process view this guide.

It’s that simple.

Let us know if you have any questions.