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KeyworX Case Study 1 – Do Search Terms ACTUALLY Effect Organic Rankings

There’s a lot of “gurus” and a lot of BS in the Amazon marketing industry. Lots of advice that is talked about without anyone actually doing the tests themselves.

We wanted to slowly solve this for both our members and our own businesses.

One of the key areas currently is around the titles and search terms. Do search terms directly affect organic rankings. We all know that sales are the biggest mover in Amazon, but do search terms have anything to do with it?

In our test we took a product consistently making a similar amount of sales on a daily basis and monitored its movement. We then changed the search terms drastically, removing all of them and monitored the results for a week. We then added every keyword related to the product and put one long string of keywords into the search terms. We then monitored results for 7 days. Monitoring organic positions consistently on a daily basis with Keyworx Amazon rank tracker. The results are very interesting….

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